Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Geography of Geography and Anthropology

Click here to see and become part of our geography
Ever wonder about what the geography of geography (or anthropology, for that matter) looks like?  Well, here's one possibility.  Martin Goettl, the UW-Eau Claire Department of Geography and Anthropology's Geospatial Technology Facilitator has put together a "living" map of the department's people and activities.  Click here to check out where we take our classes and field seminars, where our students do their internships, where our students and faculty conduct research, where our alumni live, and more.  On this map, you can zoom in and out, and can click on a symbol for a pop-up with specific details of the field experience, internship, alumnus and so on.  

So,if you are a student or a graduate of the Department of Geography and Anthropology please go to the map and add your information.  As more of us contribute to this map resource, we hope to increase our capacity to reach out to, learn from and support each other.  Be part of our network.  Help us expand our ambit.

Martin has just made this live, and we have just started to solicit data and input, so the map is at the front end of its evolution. Therefore, I am sure Martin would appreciate any suggestions, thoughts, or greetings you may wish to share.  Feel free to email him.

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