Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Arts & Sciences Honors 3 Geography Students

While the Department of Geography and Anthropology is proud of most all of its students, we are happy to report that UWEC's College of Arts and Sciences has recognized three geography majors for their exceptional efforts as they prepare to graduate.  These College awards come with 4-digit cash prizes and reflect not just hard work, but engagement with ideas and faculty, and a desire to learn and contribute in ways that are meaningful and rewarding to many people.  Congratulations Corrin, Zach and Sean for your contributions. Bravo.

Corrin Turkowitch
Corinn Turkowitch
Arts and Sciences Outstanding Undergraduate Award, 2014

From her nomination letter (prepared by Jeff DeGrave, who drew from many faculty member comments), Corrin Turkowitch is " . . .  that rare person who possesses exceptional abilities, tireless motivation, and kindred leadership—combined with an acute cultural sensitivity to the many social injustices that continue to permeate our globalized world."  She "readily understands this 'bigger picture' of life and her roles in it—revealing her cultural awareness, empathy, and understanding for all people, locally and globally. Her initiative, leadership, fortitude, intelligence, and cordiality, as well as the responsible manner with which she carries herself truly set her apart from every other student."

Zach Hilgendorf
Zach Hilgendorf
Michael F. Fredrich Science Scholarship
Based on his experiences working with and mentoring Zach, Garry Running included this excerpt in his letter of recommendation, "I think the level-headed, self-directedness that makes [Zach] a great student and an even better role model for our younger majors comes from his struggle to find his way and overcome those academic challenges.  He learned perseverance, diligence, commitment to his goals and developed a never-give-up attitude.  Zach is the kind of student I love to work with as an academic advisor." 

Sean Morrison
Leoba Hogan Scientific Research Scholarship
Sean Morrison
As Sean's geomorphology teacher and and faculty mentor on research that is investigating the coastal landscapes along the south shores of Lakes Superior (Michigan), Harry Jol highlighted the following in his letter of support.  Sean "is a leader that is flexible as well as a good team player – as I saw manifested by his participation in group projects. Sean is a self-starter and once shown a task you can be confident he will complete the project competently and on time. His oral, written, poster and web presentations are concise and well prepared."

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