Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Geography scholarship winners, 2013-2014

The Department of Geography and Anthropology is please to announce the 2013-2014 winners of the scholarships provided through our department.  Joseph Quintana is the recipient of both the Henry W. Kolka and the Palm Family Scholarships.  It is a testament to Mr. Quintana that the Kolka scholarship is for geography students with good scholastic records who are outstanding individuals. Bravo, Joey.  

Mr. Quintana was also co-recipient with Zachary Hilgendorf of the Wickman Applied GIS Scholarship, which was created to support a geography major or minor with special interest in geographic information systems (GIS), who shows applied use of GIS in their academic work and demonstrates great potential for success in a future career. Bravissimo, Joey and Zach. 

Mr. Hilgendorf, in turn, was co-recipient of the Seitz Scholarship with Corrin Turkowitch.The Kerlin and Ethel Seitz Scholarship is designed to benefit a serious-minded Geography major (two, actually) at the UW-Eau Claire. The student should have well-defined goals and realistic plans for reaching those goals, and preference is given to Geography majors with emphases on land management, conservation of resources, and environmental problems.  Bravo bravissimo, Zach and Corinn.

We are grateful to the benefactors who make these geography-specific scholarships possible and encourage all students to seriously consider preparing and applying for these  scholarships again next fall.  Click here to read about the scholarships and how to apply.

More good news, the season for scholarships is not over.  Geography students are eligible, and encouraged to apply, for the numerous College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) scholarships intended for the students in the sciences, namely, the Lieske, the Rossman, the Fredrich, and the Hogan.  The Friedrich and the Rossman are for interdisciplinary scholarship and, thus, especially well suited for geographers.  The Rossman and the Lieske are for physical geographers.  Click here for details, descriptions, and application procedures for these CAS scholarships.  These have spring deadlines.

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