Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Record Year for UW-Eau Claire Geographers?

Today I received a listing of all geography graduates known to our Alumni Office.  I requested the list in the hopes that we can use the list to help us do a better job of staying in touch with you, and maybe to give you a chance of staying in touch with eachother.  I noticed from the list that our oldest UW-Eau Claire geographer in our records is from the class of 1948!  I also counted a total of 1079 UW-Eau Claire geography graduates of whom the Alumni Office is able to keep track.  I don't know how representative this list is of all geographers, but it seems to include all recent graduates.  If that is true, 2013 is one of our largest graduating class.  The table above only includes one of our15 December graduates.  If we, indeed, had 32 graduates in 2013 that could make 2013 one our largest classes since Brian J. L. Berry was AAG president (1979. 
I would like to think that we will be in touch with all of you, but I won't promise.  However, if you are in touch with us, we will be in touch with you.

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